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Spreets Covers All the Cities

While there is an extremely competitive industry out there of different companies all trying to offer you the biggest and best discounts on products or services you either need or want, only a few have really managed to separate themselves from the pack. This includes like the likes of Groupon and LivingSocial. However, one could easily argue that Spreets has been able to do the same.

What Is Spreets?


Spreets is a deal a day site that has been around since February, 2010. It covers every major city in Australia, bringing you deals on meals, activities, attractions and more. One of the main ways Spreets does this is by actually sourcing those deals from other sites that do the same thing.

The Spreets Advantage

There are a couple of advantages that go with using Spreets to save money. For one, it focuses solely on Australia, which many of its competitors can’t say. This often leads to lackluster service or the impression that someone is trying to explain Australian businesses from across the ocean.

Secondly, because they partner with so many different businesses that also offer great deals, all you really need to is check Spreets’ website to find out whether or not there are deals available you’d be interested in. This saves you all kinds of time over comparison shopping across several different websites.

Thirdly, they don’t simply take every single offer they find. Because the company knows Australia so well, they also understand the market. So they know which deals their Australian customers will be most interested in seeing and possibly buying.

Main Categories

To that end, Spreets focuses on six main categories proven to be seen as important by Australians all over the country. These are restaurants and bars, travel services, shopping, wine and health and beauty. Under each of these categories are a number of others that help you drill down to the service or product you may be most interested in. This is just one more way the company takes great deals out there and then makes them easier to sift through and choose.

So the next time you’re looking for some fun in Australia but don’t want to spend a lot of money, just remember what Spreets has to offer. You can’t get much better than a company that does most of the shopping for you, leaving you with only the best deals for any major city in the country.


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